Borehole Clearance Surveys


CMS Surveys are well equipped to offer the best service out there when it comes to borehole clearance surveys. Our vast experience in both the geotechnical and buried services industries means that we can offer an unmatched service for borehole service clearance surveys.

Utilising the latest non-invasive technology and industry standard methodologies, we can identify and locate buried services and obstructions within the areas of your proposed exploratory holes prior to the drilling/digging works commencing. All buried services are marked out on site, usually with biodegradable spray paint but we can use alternatives such as road crayons, paint sticks, wooden pegs or marker flags. If your proposed exploratory hole location clashes with a buried utility, then an alternative location will be suggested by our surveyor on site and agreed with your site engineer.

All our surveyors are expertly trained in traditional land surveying. Meaning if your GPS is not up to the job for setting out or recording the geospatial location of your exploratory holes due to poor satellite coverage / no phone signal / tree coverage then we are here to help using our Robotic Total Stations. We can undertake the setting out of any proposed exploratory hole prior to clearance works and, we are able to record the coordinates of any exploratory hole post drilling works.

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Borehole Clearance Surveys

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