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CMS Surveys Limited offer a wide variety of traditional Land & Underground Surveying services. 

With over 15 years experience in the surveying industry, you can be confident that the job will be done by professionals, from your initial enquiry through to the delivery of survey data.


CMS Surveys undertake a wide range of utility surveys, in fact, our main activity is carrying out Utility Surveys. PAS128:2022 is the industry standard specification, for underground utility detection, verification and location in the UK. The purpose of a PAS128 Survey is to supply the end user with all the critical information that is necessary to plan, design, or construct with the prior knowledge of what buried services might affect their project. CMS Surveys Limited are committed to providing each one of our clients with the most accurate PAS128 utility survey possible.


CMS Surveys undertake a wide range of topographical surveying activities. A topographical survey can range substantially in size, from picking up small scale detail such as recording the geospatial location of a borehole to undertaking full complex site topographical surveys. Our topographical surveys are compliant with standard industry specifications such as RICS / TSA / EA and can be adjusted to suit any client requirements.


CMS Surveys undertake a wide variety of measured building survey activities, including but not limited to, Internal floor plans, Elevations and Roof Plans. A measured building surveys play an integral part in the design and planning process, especially in the redevelopment or when a building is to be changing function, such as a house being converted to flats. A measured building survey is a timely cost-effective way of gaining accurate data about the condition and features of the building.


CMS Surveys are able to provide detailed Desktop Utility Searches, quickly and cost effectively.

Developments, feasibility studies and intrusive onsite works require some sort of utility survey to establish the location of assets such as pipes and cables. The first step in utility location and HSG47 is to write to the utility provider affected by your project and request a plan of their apparatus.


CMS Surveys undertake fast and efficient methods of capturing large amounts of data over large areas in a short period of time, by utilising an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) such as a drone. UAV surveying is a timely and efficient method of data collection which has a range of applications in topographic and route surveys, urban planning and mapping, construction and mining and visual inspection surveys. Here at CMS Surveys, we have a specialised UAV survey team who have the necessary training and skills to be able to operate commercially and all our surveys are meticulously executed and overseen by a CAA approved pilot.


CMS Surveys have continuously invested the most up to date 3D laser scanning equipment and processing software to stay ahead of the game. 3D laser scanning allows us to capture hundreds-of-thousands of coordinated points per second with high accuracy in 3D. The ‘point-cloud’ data-set can be manipulated and sliced at will to form the foundation of the drawings you want to see. This enables us to produce plans, elevations, sections from high-density, spatially accurate data.


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